From left: Bernard & Jac Paul-Hus, Neal & Jake Starks, Jake Elsner & Keith Tanner

The South Florida-based Bass Fishing Kids trail held its Parent & Child Team Bass Tournament at Quiet Water Park, Sept. 29. Sponsored by Shakespeare, the tournament was a huge success. There was a total of 36 teams competing this year. There were 12 limits, and over 110 bass caught.


1st Place –  Bernard & Jac Paul-Hus (Pompano Beach) 8.86 lbs

2nd Place –  Neal & Jake Starks (Davie) 5.04 lbs

3rd Place –  Keith Tanner & Jake Elsner (West Palm Beach) 4.93 lbs

4th Place –  Chuck & Hunter Locke (Parkland) 4.83 lbs

Big Fish –   Bernard Paul-Hus (Pompano Beach) 4.88 lbs



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