FS Hunt Camp Member bswiv adds a 12-foot, 10-inch gator to the contest entries.

The Florida Sportsman 2012 Largest Gator Hunt continues! To see the full thread, click here.

Just a quick reminder:


1. Each hunter may enter as many gators as they want but only the largest will be counted.
2. Anyone with a Florida Sportsman Forum account and Alligator harvest tags may enter.
3. All hunters must submit a picture of themselves with their gator with the offical chit (try to keep them clean & w/o excessive blood).
4. Scoring is done on the total gross alligator length to the nearest 1/2 inch
5. Photos must include the official FS 2012 Largest Gator Hunt contest Chit (see below).
6. In the event of a tie, the first to post the gator wins
7. Open to all ages, no fees necessary. Enter your gator when you harvest it. No preregistration required. This is an honors system event. We will trust that you killed your gator in FL. BE HONEST!
8. You will be required to submit a picture when you post it.
9. Winners will be notified via PM and public announcement will be made November 4th, 2012.
10. Prizes and rules are subject to change at the discretion of FS, it’s staff and their arbiter.
11. All decisions are final and not up for review, except by FS staff.

Gator Hunt kit from Gator Pro (includes 1-8′ harpoon kit, 2-snatch hooks, 1-snare, 3 pegs)
Southern Life Taxidermy gator skull cleaning and CAMO dip for the skull
Big Ed’s Butcher Shop 5 pounds of gator meat and one standard hog processing.

Official Chit: Save the picture from the original Forum post,  and print it out. Make sure you put this in your photo (either in color or in B&W).





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