Jason Kamensky won this year's Extreme Kayak September Slam.

From the event press release: The Extreme Kayak/Paddle Board Fishing Tournament to benefit the Palm Beach Reef Rescue kicked off at Brus Room in Pompano Beach Friday, September 14th, 2012.

Tournament day started off truly living up to its name “Extreme.” The 87 anglers arrived at Pompano Beach Pier bright and early Saturday morning only to discover Mother Nature was not cooperating. At around 6:00 a.m. the anglers were supposed to launch, but instead they were all hovered inside a 10X10 tent to keep them dry from the torrential downpours. With only body heat and hot Starbucks Coffee to keep them warm, they were waiting for the storm to pass. After an hour of thunder and lightning the decision was left up to them if they still wanted to compete. The rain subsided around 7:00 a.m. and even though the chop was still two to four feet, the fishermen were amped and ready to get out there. With bait provided by Early Bird Live Baits and Aces Bait and Tackle in their buckets they all launched. Some anglers were battling through the three to four foot beach swells as they headed out to sea, but the extreme team was there to give a helping hand and sent them on their way.

At 8:00 a.m. sunshine lit up the beautiful beach as the sponsors arrived to set up their tents and start a day of fun in the sun. Nautical Ventures was amongst the first to arrive followed by Case Marine, Surf World, and Doc’s Chum Bawls. Tijuana Flats arrived and it was free tacos for everyone. Beach goers were enjoying refreshments provided by Budweiser and Pepsi and listening to the live entertainment from South Side Dub while anxiously waiting for the anglers catches to come in. It was around 10:00 a.m. when the first fish was caught and brought to shore. It was a beautiful dolphin followed by a black fin tuna, and not long after there was a bunch of kingfish caught by random anglers. It was not until about 1 p.m when we saw an angler riding the swells back to shore with a huge tail sticking out of his kayak and a big smile on James Kamensky’s face. As onlookers surrounded his Kayak they saw what looked like a monster of a kingfish, almost as long as James himself.

Prizewinners at the Extreme Kayak September Slam.

The weigh in was at 3p.m. and well worth the long anticipated wait. Korbel Champagne was popped as the winners were announced. Fourth place was Bobby Buzaki who caught two Kingfish with a total combined weight of 12.8lbs. He took home an Ascend™ FS12T Sit-On-Top Angler Kayak from Bass Pro Shops and a plaque from Crown Trophy. Bobby also took the title of top Junior Angler and therefore received a Combo Rod & Reel from Anglers and Aces Bait and Tackle, a life vest from MTI, a PENN blue water Carnage Jigging Rod from West Marine, and Autographed Guy Harvey print and a trophy from Crown Trophy. The third place winner was Rob Rodriguez who landed a Kingfish and Black Fin Tuna with a total weight of 16.2lbs. He was the lucky winner of a Hobie QUEST 11 Donated by Nautical Ventures, Costa Del Mar Sun Glasses, and a plaque from Crown Trophy. In second place was Kellan Goertemiller with two Kingfish and total weight of 25lbs. He was happy to receive a Hobie Revolution 13 with mirage drive donated from our main sponsor Nautical Ventures, Costa Del Mar Sunglasses, and plaque by Crown Trophy. The winner of the competition Jason Kamensky came in with a whooping 39.6lb Kingfish. Turns out that’s the only fish he needed to win a $2,000 check, Costa Del Mar Sunglasses and a huge beautiful Trophy donated by Crown Trophy. And if that’s not enough, he was also the winner of the Biggest Pelagic Fish Division promising him a brand new SUP BOTE fishing Paddleboard, and Guy Harvey Jewelry.

Eric Digeon caught and released a sailfish making him the winner of the Sailfish Division and taking home a comp ticket to fish in the Bahamas 2 day tournament, (Battle of Champions). He also received a plaque from Crown Trophy. Roray Kam deserved some recognition for winning the Trash Can Slam division. He caught a 10.9 Bonito on his SUP Starboard and received Costa Del Mar Sunglasses, Diamond Braid from HiLiner, fillet knife set from West Marine and plaque from Crown Trophy.

From the morning until the afternoon this was truly an unforgettable event. These men, woman and juniors battled the elements of nature with true camaraderie making every angler in this tournament an Extreme Kayak Fisherman. Stay tuned for our upcoming events on our web-site: www.extremekayakfishing.com

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