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Few lines have had the staying power that Berkley® Trilene® XT® has enjoyed, and no other line is tougher. Whether anglers fish topwater or fish it through the slop, XT has a storied history of getting fish to the boat without fail.

It is hard to improve upon greatness, but the new formula of Trilene XT  monofilament line is 47% more flexible, even tougher and performs better than  previous generations of XT. All attributes have been improved, from abrasion
resistance to knot strength.

Shock resistance has also been improved on the new XT formula, making those quick strikes from fish seem like a walk in the park. Anglers won’t have to fear fishing along rock piles or down jetties anymore with the greatly improved formula.

Not only did the makers of XT improve upon the formula, they also made great strides in packaging. The new carded  packaging style of Trilene XT gives anglers the ability to see and feel the line before purchase, giving them confidence that they have chosen the toughest line for their needs.  The slotted spool design makes it easy for customers to stow away partial spools of line when line spooling is complete. Of course, the packaging still comes in the XT blue colors so anglers can easily identify this longtime  favorite monofilament.

Since their introduction, Trilene XT (in 1978) and Trilene XL (in 1972), no other lines have had the profound impact on the fishing industry like these two. They have become the gold standard when it comes to fishing lines. Throughout the years, each has gone through changes, but this re-invention of both lines proves to be one of the greatest
achievements to date. With improved durability, strength and smoothness, there isn’t anything like XT and XL.

Berkley Trilene XT is available in pound tests ranging from 4 to 30 pounds with diameters of 0.008” to 0.022”, Trilene XT comes in 110-, 220 to 330-, 1000-yard spools and extra large service spools of 9000 yards with an MSRP of $3.49 to $185.99.

Pound Tests
(Diameter in inches)
4 (0.008), 6 (0.010), 8 (0.012),
10 (0.014), 12 (0.015), 14 (0.016),
17 (0.017), 20 (0.018), 25 (0.020)
30 (0.022)

Low-vis green
Fluorescent clear/blue (pony spools only)

Spool Sizes/MSRP
110-yard pony spool/$3.49-$4.49
220 to 330-yard filler spool/$7.95
1000-yard economy packs/ $19.99-$25.99
3000-yard service spool/$44.99-$61.99
9000-yard extra large service spool/$135.99-$185.99

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