Left, Seaguar’s Kanzen braid. At right, new monofilament Senshi line from Seaguar. 

Seaguar’s Kanzen is a green microfiber line built from ultra-thin strands, then weaved together to form a high-density, thin-diameter braid. Seaguar is traditionally known for its fluorocarbon leaders and lines, but has branched out further to introduce Kanzen Braid and Senshi monofilament lines. Seaguar’s Kanzen is formulated for top knot strength and abrasion resistance, as well as long-cast ability. Ten-pound Kanzen has a 138-mm diameter, equivalent to about 3-pound mono. The Kanzen Braid spools currently offered include 150, 300, 500 and 2,500 yards. Line tests are available ranging from 8 to 200 pounds. For more information, visit www.seaguar.com.

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