One of the FS staffers picked up this 6-ounce bottle of Worm-Glo at the International Convention for Allied Sportfishing Trades (ICAST). We all know how effective the color chartreuse is, even if we can’t agree on exactly what that color is, or what in God’s- green-earth the fish think it represents. The expression “If it ain’t chartreuse, it ain’t no use” has rolled around in the angling vernacular for decades, and lure companies dutifully deliver on the nuclear-green hue.

Now, this bottle from Legend Laboratories allegedly imparts the color on the otherwise most-perfect bass and panfish bait ever invented, the humble nightcrawler.

The label says to sprinkle a teaspoonful of the powder on the worm bedding (dirt) in a 12- to 24-count carton of worms. Replace the lid, and store the worms between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit for at least 24 hours.

The suspense! When we open the lid tomorrow, what will we find? Will these run-of-the-mill crawlers assume the magical color chartreuse? And will they be of use?

Check back tomorrow to find out!

Some safety precautions, for the record:
1) Keep out of reach of children

2) Do not feed to pets or wildlife

We have no idea, really, what this stuff is. For sure we won’t let our kids get near it, but if these worms come out all green and lively, you can bet we’re gonna try crickets and Missouri minners next…

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