BUY your Gulf Coast or Atlantic Coast Fish Lawstick Ruler!

Unfold the ruler to measure fish up to 36 inches. It’s lightweight and simple to take from your kayak to your boat.

The Florida Sportsman Atlantic Coast and Gulf Coast Lawstick rulers are a must-have for all boaters, kayakers or waders fishing Florida waters. The ruler easily fits inside a tackle box, a boat compartment or a pair of waders.

There are dozens of gamefish in Florida salt water, and many of them have complicated fishing regulations: minimum and sometimes maximum lengths, bag limits, season openings and closings. It’s the responsibility of every angler to know the rules. The Lawstick ruler is 12 inches long and folds out in three parts to measure 36 inches. Included are accurate measuring increments and printed regulations for all of the popular saltwater species.

Florida Sportsman now offers specific lawstick rulers for the Gulf and Atlantic coasts. Atlantic is blue colored; Gulf Coast is green colored.

It’s easy to carry from one fishing vessel to the next, and it holds up season after season in the Florida sun. You might have to buy a new one each year, as regulations continue to change that quickly! We update these rulers twice a year, so be on the lookout at your local tackle shop or online.

BUY your Gulf Coast or Atlantic Coast Fish Lawstick Ruler!

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