Florida Sportsman Lawstick Boatsticker

Click here to buy Gulf Coast and Atlantic Coast Lawstick Boat Stickers.

Peel away the sticker and place on a cooler or gunwale. It’s simple to measure your fish.

Florida Fishing Regulations on Your Boat!

The Florida Sportsman Atlantic and Gulf Coast Lawstickers are a must-have for all boaters fishing Florida state and federal waters. There are dozens of gamefish in Florida salt water, and many of them have complicated fishing regulations: minimum and sometimes maximum lengths, bag limits, season openings and closings.

Florida Sportsman now offers specific stickers for the Gulf and Atlantic coasts. Atlantic is blue colored; Gulf Coast is green colored.

It’s the responsibility of every angler to know the rules. The Lawsticker is a 36-inch, clear mylar decal with accurate measuring increments and printed regulations for all of the popular saltwater species. It’s easy to apply, and holds up for season after season in the Florida sun. Also a great tool for measuring your trophy catch. Be sure to buy a second one for your Florida dock or fishing pier!

Click here to buy Gulf Coast and Atlantic Coast Lawstick Boat Stickers.

  • Bill

    I've got one of these on my Whaler, on the gelcoat, and have had it in the sun for years. Now the sticker is cracked and outdated, and I can't seem to get it off! I have tried using a putty knife, but the sticker disintegrates and leaves a residue as well.

    Any suggestions?


  • FLSportsman

    Use as best you can with the putty knife, then with whatever residue is left use something like this: http://www.starbrite.com/sproductdetail.cfm?ID=16…. Star Brite makes a bunch of safe cleaners for this type of thing!

  • Tim

    How can I find the latest revision?

  • Mark

    When will the next revision be out? The last appears to be 2/12