Knotless tapered leaders, such as the Scientific Anglers Bonefish series, enable stealthy, crisp casting with small flies. To the 9-foot leader may be added shorter, lighter pieces of tippet. For many Florida fisheries, however, a straight piece of monofilament between flyline and fly works fine.

A good question is asked this week in our On the Fly Forum:

“Why does flyfishing require a special, tapered leader, and what is the advantage of that over a simple piece of 20# flouro?”

Short answer? Tapered leaders aren’t necessary; well then again sometimes they are…

A number of Forum members chime in with answers. What do you think? What’s your secret for casting success? Click here to join the thread.

In addition, the upcoming Florida Sportsman print magazine, September 2012, will have a good report on two-piece utility leaders from veteran fly fishing writer and guide John Kumiski.


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