The beauty and appeal of offshore fishing is that you never know what you might catch.

If you fish offshore, you know the ocean never stays the same. That’s why this book and DVD set are so critical in helping you become more successful while you’re out there.

FREE DVD: Sportsman’s Best: Offshore Fishing comes complete with over 60 minutes of fast action, well written how-to DVD.

If you’re not paying attention, finding a fish in the ocean can be a lot like finding a needle in the haystack. If you are paying attention and read this book, you’ll learn exactly what to look for to make your next bluewater trip a success. From outfitting your boat and cockpit, to learning the key offshore strategies that offshore skippers from the Gulf, around Florida and up the east coast, need to know. Whether your just beginning or have owned five different boats there’s something for you in Sportsman’s Best: Offshore Fishing.

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