About as realistic as they come, the detail on LIVE TARGET’s hard bait lures attract fish and fishermen. From top to bottom, the Scaled Sardine, Blueback Herring and Mullet plugs.

LIVE TARGET Lures splashed into the saltwater fishing world about two years ago, when they made the jump from fresh to salt water. With so many other lure makers on the market, LIVE TARGET differentiated itself from others with its bullet-proof lifelike finishes. Besides the finish, LIVE TARGET lures use internal weight and rattle components to give its baits action, sound and vibration. Internal components include a mix of lead, steel, brass, and glass depending on the model.

Below, three models of lures mimic baitfish species prevalent on Florida waters


The LIVE TARGET Blueback Herring is the ideal bait when fishing near schools of herring, such as threadfins. This triple segmented hard-body swimbait is available in slow and fast sinking speeds, allowing anglers to work it in a variety of retrieves. These baits are tough and should not break apart after a down-and-dirty fight.


Probably the most prevalent bait year-round in Florida is the mullet. The LIVE TARGET Mullet is a match for an ordinary finger mullet, mixing enticing action and lifelike detail. The walking bait (walk-the-dog retrieve) generates a smooth side-to-side action with a tantalizing one-knocker sound.

Scaled Sardine

The LIVE TARGET Scaled Sardine is the perfect match to this common baitfish. Floridians will oftentimes call this baitfish a pilchard or whitebait, depending on its geography. The 3-D lifelike scale pattern is created by precision tooling. Available in two different models, the twitchbait generates an erratic sub-surface flash. Top target species include seatrout, redfish, snook, jacks and tarpon.

To check out more patterns or for more information, visit www.livetargetlures.com.

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