Florida offers some of the finest, most diverse duck hunting in the nation. Among our many marshes and lakes open to public access are a limited number of properties owned by Water Management Districts in southern Florida. The Stormwater Treatment Areas and Goodwin/Broadmoor marshes are accessible only if you have a permit, and these are drawn by lottery each summer.

August 7, this Tuesday, begins the 2-week application periods for the STAs and Goodwin/Broadmoor units. You can apply online, or fill out the forms and submit at the local tax collector’s office. Results will be posted after August 27.

For complete details on Florida duck hunting, click here.

Want to see what others have to say about hunting prospects on these or other lands?  Check out the Hunting Forums. This week, one Forum Member gets the rundown on early season hunting at Goodwin. Click here to see the thread.


In other Florida waterfowl hunting news, organizers are gearing up for the August 23-24 Florida Waterfowl Summit at the Ocala Hilton.

The mission of this important conference is fourfold:

1) Present the latest watershed science, current state project updates, and historical observations and data

2) Provide a forum for networking among agency staff, professionals, sportsmen and other stakeholders

3) Identify new restoration funding ideas and partnerships through discussion and awareness

4) Identify creative solutions that fit industry, agriculture, and the priorities of sportsmen and other stakeholders

A wild game reception kicks off the event Thursday evening on Aug. 23, with duck bites, fried alligator and other Florida specialties. Registration is required to attend. Click here.

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