Engel’s DeepBlue 25 is perfect for cold drinks on hot days. It’s also popular with fishermen that want to be able to move it on or off a boat or kayak regularly.

Summer weather lasts well into October, so it’s vital to keep your catch and drinks cool on the boat. Some coolers won’t keep your ice cold for one day, much less two days or three. Engel DeepBlue coolers are designed to keep food and drinks chilled for days, not just a few hours. A silicone lid gasket and draw-down latches create a tight seal against the heat and wind. It’s no surprise that ice lasts longer, up to 8 to 10 days during extended trips.

Engel offers a complete range of high performance DeepBlue coolers. From the handy 25 to the cavernous 320, DeepBlue fits the needs of your boat. A full 2-inches of insulation in the top, sides and most importantly, in the bottom, trap the cold inside.

Known for their remarkable durability, Engel DeepBlue coolers are certified bear-resistant containers. That’s right…Grizzly Bear resistant!  More importantly, they’ll stand up to daily use onboard any vessel, whether it’s the family pontoon boat or  a center console heading out to the Gulf Stream. The tough, rotomolded shell will handle the everyday kicks and drops without complaint. And with its newly reinforced lid, you can use your DeepBlue as a seat, a step, or even as a casting platform. For more information, visit www.engel-usa.com.

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