A good match, LifeProof and a kayak on the water.

I have had a little bit of bad luck with my phones in the past, especially while kayaking. I think everyone that has been in the sport has either dunked, dropped, soaked and splashed their electronics at one point or another. So what do you have to do in order to make them, water-proof?

A great combo for any workout.

The market is increasing in the number of ways to protect your investments with dry bags, pouches, sprays and the like. But what really works out there, is easy to use, and close to the iPhone size instead of a big and bulky mass trying to stuff in your pocket?

I was able to get the LifeProof case for my iPhone and have been using it for a few months so far, taking it of course kayak fishing, running, boating, working and everyday life. It’s seen some spills on the pavement and floors and thank God, the phone is still working like a charm. The case is shown to be water proof, dirt proof, snow proof, and shock proof.

Out of the box.

The case and accessories are packaged very well, and have everything you need in order for your iPhone to function normally, even with the case installed – including an extension cable for your ear plugs with a water tight seal.

What makes the LifeProof case, lifeproof, is the rubber gasket that follows the perimiter on the inside of the case. It is very important to keep this gasket clear of any debris, no matter how small, in order to keep the case functioning at 100%. The case comes in two pieces and snaps together, sealing the yellow gasket. The battery cable port also has a large gasket that seals the entrance, and hinges open when charging is needed. Unfortunately, aftermarket chargers that have a larger cable than the OEM iPhone cable will not be able to fit with the case on.

One thing that really sold me on the LifeProof case over my current Otterbox was the simple ease of getting the phone in and out of my pocket. I would get so angry when I would have to wrestle and rip out my phone from my pocket, and instead of pulling out a pile of lint every time and having the case look used with the Otterbox, I was happy to store the phone in my pocket until needed with the Lifeproof.

LifeProof's seal, the yellow gasket.

Side by side to the Ottherbox (on left). The LifeProof is only 10.8 mm wide.


Drops and hits, the LifeProof kept my iPhone going.

As far as durability, the case is made with a tough polycarbonate frame and has shock absorbing elastomer. Just before writing this review my iPhone took it’s worst drop yet getting out of the truck, straight down on the concrete. Feeling confident I picked it up and yes, it was still functioning great, only leaving a nice battle scar.

The screen is scratch resistant and is also functional even with water on it. It is rated to go underwater 6.6ft, so you can even take it snorkeling and probably even upload your pictures to Facebook while underwater! Ok, now we’re going a little too far.

For you runners and gym rats out there, LifeProof has made a great workout companion in a snug, comfortable workout band. This is perfect timing because I just started training to run my first marathon in December and have been able to give it a few good sweat tests already. It’s got a sturdy and fast single clip that is easy to pop in and out and setup your phone for your workout (I have been using the Nike+ GPS app to keep track of my runs and times).

The LifeProof Arm Band-one hand release latch.

Locked in and ready to go.

Great for runs and workouts, doesn't move or slide on your arm.


Voluntarily dropped the iPhone in water for the first time.Back to kayak fishing, for added protection I like to keep my iPhone and the LifeProof case in a water tight box. But what happens when you need to make/take a phone call on the water and you’re possibly in fifty feet of water? Be real careful? Yes. For additional security you can pick up a LifeJacket to go over the LifeProof case. It give the phone buoyancy and additional shock protection with high-vis, tear and stain resistant foam, and it’s also easy to install and remove when needed.

I did a little test with the LifeJacket by filling up a bowl of water and dropping the iPhone in it. To my relief, the little phone happily floated around while water completely covered it at the first dunk. This will be EXTREMELY helpful when in rough water on the kayak and will certainly give me a little more piece of mind when getting out my phone to take a picture or get a call.

You can still take great pictures with the LifeJacket installed!


So to wrap it up, out of all of the different accessories coming onto the market to help you protect your iPhone, I was very impressed with the LifeProof line and the complimenting additions they have to the case to make a complete package for your particular type of use with the iPhone. It’s worth checking out!

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