The Hildebrandt Drum Roller spinnerbait was developed by longtime tournament pro Bernie Schultz, designed specifically for redfish and freshwater bass species.

“We took out time developing this exciting new bait,” stated Bernie Schultz, bass pro and developer of the new Drum Roller spinnerbait from Hildebrandt.  “We wanted to do right by making every effort to address the fine details.”

Features include a lifelike baitfish profile, with 3D eyes and accentuated gills. The spinnerbait’s wire is stainless and includes a snap for quick-change blade and jig configurations. The soft body bait is an Elaztech, durable  paddle-tail from Z-Man lures. And lastly, a Sampo ball-bearing swivel connects wire to the thick-plated blade.

The soft-body jighead is molded of pure tin, which is harder, transmits vibration and sound better, and is lighter by volume than lead. This enables the Drum Roller to remain high in the water column when retrieved at slower speeds.

The Drum Roller comes in 5/8 ounces and in three blade sizes (3, 3 1/2, and 4). It also features a wide-gap, sharpened hook that’s corrosion resistant. For tactics to successfully work spinnerbaits for redfish, check out this article by Bernie Schultz. 

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