Greater amberjack to reopen August 1 in the Gulf of Mexico.

Kyle Miller landed this greater amberjack in the waters off Panama City.

The Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council and FWC remind anglers that the recreational take of greater amberjack reopens in the Gulf of Mexico federal waters August 1, 2012. The season closes annually June 1, but is often cut short if regulators deem overfishing is occurring.

The 30″ fork length minimum size limit and 1-fish bag limit remain the same. In Atlantic state waters, the size limit is 28 inches fork length. Captain and crew of for-hire vessels may not retain a bag limit.

Recreational anglers may take one fish per person, per day. Reef fish gear rules apply when fishing for greater amberjack. In Gulf waters, this means anglers must use circle hooks, and have a dehooking device and a venting tool on their vessel. Using these tools will help increase a fish’s chance of survival if it is caught and returned to the water.

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