Three Florida Sportsman forum members scored big, each winning brand new Penn Spinfisher V spinning reels. 

Fresh off a win at this year’s ICAST, the Penn Spinfisher V was named the best saltwater reel for 2012. Florida Sportsman and Penn Reels want to give away three of these reels this week to Florida Sportsman Forum members. These brand-new spinning reels aren’t even on the market yet!

Members must write three or four sentences (on the Florida Sportsman Forum thread) about the Reel Time With Florida Sportsman online show. What do you like about it? What makes the show different from others?

Write us your thoughts. The best three answers will be selected as winners. “Cool show, bro,” is probably not a winning response—something thought-out is much more likely to win.

If you haven’t watched any of the Reel Time Shows, you’re missing out. But it’s easy to get caught up! Just go to and watch through the episodes. Come back to this thread and post your thoughts.

The three winners will be selected on Friday, June 20. Florida Sportsman will send members personal messages over the forum asking for mailing addresses. The reels will be shipped directly from Penn Reels. So get started! Tell us what you like about Reel Time With Florida Sportsman. Write your response here, on the Florida Sportsman Forum thread, and take your chances at winning a brand new Penn Spinfisher V!

The winners are in! Three FS members are proud new owners of Spinfisher V spinning reels. Read the testimonials below about Reel Time With Florida Sportsman that helped them win brand-new PENN offshore spinning reels.

FS Member Jumboshrimp:

“RTFS is the most unique fishing show there is, period. Florida Sportsman Forum is an incredible community of anglers from around the state, we all connect with each other and share stories and pictures providing our peers with a wealth of information for every fishable corner Florida possesses. RTFS takes what has always been the cornerstone of this community (the fishing reports) and blows it up onto a professional high quality fishing show with an awesome host. Rather than just featuring the host George Gozdz fishing carelessly around the state though, the show takes it one step further by featuring the actual forum members who are writing the reports. Giving us all an opportunity to be on our own fishing show, which is undoubtedly a dream we have all had at some point.”

FS Member dwyermw:

“Without question, what I like about Reel Time is that the host is fishing with someone like ME. An avid angler who participates on the fourm and often feels like the fish are prettty safe when he (or her) is out there! In other words, it’s people like me that fish when they can, on local waters, no matter what the conditions! Add in the ‘evening before’ local watering hole (with a few adult beverages, coupled with the anticipated strategy) and you have all the makings for positive expectations the next morning. The early morning visits to the AM/PM mini mart, the struggles to find bait, unexpected weather outcomes all are part of  ‘fishing when you can.’  It enhances the authenticity of real world experiences. Clearly, the show depicts real scenarios and not something spot filmed under perfect conditions. The camera shots are are complete – from cast to hookup without a sense of edited action. Reel Time takes the effort to show me the details of what is being fished and why and it leaves me with a sense that I can do it too.”

FS Member Knotty Dread:

“It’s that feeling you get when you hear that intro tune. You know that one drop of adrenaline as you’re about to hit the boat ramp in the early morning and you are excited about what the day has in store for you. That is the feeling you get when you hit play on the latest episode of Reel Time with Florida Sportsman. Not to mention, you never get skunked on Reel Time!”


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