Familiar Faces at a Favorite Bahamas Destination.

Full Dock at Rosie's in the morning.

Rosie Curry.

Standing on the main dock at Rosies Place in late April I had to blink twice to make sure I really wasn’t standing at Walker’s Cay. The Flannigan’s Big Daddy barge, a Walker’s fixture, was there. Leon Albury, son of former Walker’s Cay dock master was there and several of the boats backed into their slips I recognized from prior trips to Walker’s. Another blink—nope—it wasn’t Walker’s, but a suitable replacement in the much improved, and now busy, main dock at Rosies Place, Grand Cay,Bahamas.

Rosie's Place. Cottages sit right off the main dock.

After a couple of tries to find a slip deep enough to float Tim Strube’s 31-foot Bertram we settled into a slip off the main dock. “I’ve fished out

of Walker’s Cay more than two dozen times over the years,” said Tim. “I’ve been itching to get back to the area, but this is my first time to Grand Cay and Rosies. The fishing has got to be sick.” Judging by the gunnel-to-gunnel crowd it’s clear that Tim isn’t the only one making their way back.

The closing of Walker’s Cay Hotel in 2004 has been tough on many of the 500 Grand Cay residents—but not all. With the majority of Grand’s

Mark Jones and a Double Breasted Cay bonefish.

population working for the Abplanalp family’s hotel, when it closed, Grand’s residents were virtually unemployed. All but Grand’s kingpin, Rosie Curry, owner of Rosies Place.

“My restaurant did well when Walker’s was open, now my hotel and marina are doing well, too,” smiled Rosie. “Overall people are doing OK. Those who worked at Walker’s are now mostly commercial fishing and diving.”

Rosies Place consists of a collection of cottages and efficiencies. The cottages are new, clean and comfortable. Rosie claims to have 35 rooms and 36 slips. Twenty of the slips have 30- and 50-amp service, accommodating boats over 30 feet. There were at least a half dozen boats ranging from 35 to 45 feet when we were there, and it seemed most had power. But be prepared for some creative wrangling of power dockside. Not every slip is created equal.

Double Breasted aboard Waterbase 31 Bertram.

Even though it seems life on the island revolves around Rosie and his hotel and marina, other accommodations and restaurants are available, but Rosies Place is where you should probably start your search for a room, and most definitely if you’re looking for a slip for a boat larger than 30 feet.

Grand Contacts:

*Rosies Place, Rosie Curry 242 439 6020 or 242 353 1201, $93 a night for an efficiency to $167 a night for a two bedroom villa. Slips are $1.25 a foot without a room, $.75 a foot with a room. 30 amp service $10 a day, 50 amp service $20 a day. Water $.25 a gallon. www.rosiesplace.com


Club Med.

Club Med, Max & Katrina Cooper


$75 a night, six rooms, boat slips are $1.25 a foot.

Sassie Cassie Hotel and Restaurant, Maxine

242-353-1450 or 242-353-1248

6 rooms at $85-$125 a night.

Red’s Take Out,


Jolleeka's Motel.

Jolleeka’s Motel, Jolly Cooper

242-353-1607 or 242-441-9765

$75 a night for a room.

$15 a day for dockage, no slips.

Ice: 50 pounds for $15.



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