The strength and ingenuity you expect from Accon Marine was on display at the recent Miami Boat Show. This Pop-Up Telescoping Bow Light was a hit. The light pops down into place when not in use, covered and out of the way.

Top features include a solid, stainless-steel light that enables owners to position a light to the height they desire. Light is a super-bright LED with built-in surge protection; it also folds down flush when not in use.

The Accon Marine Pop-Up Telescoping Bow Light mounts farther back than conventional deck-mount lights, limited only by the depth of the hull. This allows room for accessories such as trolling motors. The farther back the light is mounted, the more roon there is under the deck to telescope the light taller.

The pop light telescoping height is 9 inches (with custom heights available). United States Coast Guard approved up to 2 nautical miles.

See a video demonstration below:

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