Fish Rules App for Iphone

The Fish Rules App for your iphone provides up-to-date saltwater regulations from North Carolina to Florida to Texas.

Need an on-the-water fish regulations guide? The Fish Rules App provides instant access to state and federal saltwater fishing regulations from your iphone.

“And it updates new regulations almost instantly,” says Rob Arrington, host of Respect Outdoors on the Sportsman Channel. “Whenever new updates from the FWC, SAFMC or Gulf Council go into effect, your phone app updates almost immediately.”

Arrington is a die-hard angler from Southeast Florida. He also stopped by the Florida Sportsman offices recently, to tell us about the new App. With constant changes in Florida’s fisheries, this app saves anglers the hassle of looking up regulations at home. When fishing on the water, look up if a fish is in-season, find out the bag limit, and check the slot limit. Color photographs also help identify species that are unfamiliar.

One specific feature that’s important for offshore fishermen or backcountry anglers is that the app is GPS-controlled. Fish Rules uses your phone’s GPS and calendar to show only the regulations you need. For example, let’s say an angler is bottom fishing off Jacksonville and catches a red snapper. This app should be able to tell the angler if they’re in state or federal waters, and if the fish is legal to keep–all based on the location of the boat and iphone. Out on the water without a signal? Anglers can still manually select their fishing location to get fish rules for that area.

Social aspects include updates to Facebook, where anglers can take a photo, log your fish, and post it to Facebook. For details, check out or search for the Fish Rules 2012 Edition at the Apple Istore. FS


  • michael

    need more identification of fish miss many

    • Janey

      Does this app cover the gulf area?

      • Marisa Cay

        Yes, Fish Rules App has state and federal regulations for the entire Gulf of Mexico as well as the southeastern Atlantic (North Carolina to Florida).

  • Marisa Cay

    We love this app!

  • BigB

    Very impressive app! And only $0.99. Really nice photos for fish ID.

  • Albrey Arrington

    Thanks Florida Sportsman! We are excited about Fish Rules.
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  • GreGG

    PLEASE, get droid up and running!!

  • Albrey Arrington

    Droid version should be out in December.

  • Canoemaster

    This app has a good concept but has many bugs and doesn't work well at all. The images are lacking detail which makes identification difficult. The design leaves much to be desired, very basic. Not worth the money. There are many other apps that offer way more for the money.

  • Albrey Arrington

    Fish Rules App 2013 is available in the App Store…

    Sorry, the Droid version still is not ready, but we are working on it.