Hi folks! I am Bob Bramblet, bonitabob on the forum. Some of you know me from the forum, but the vast majority of you have never heard of me. I am very fortunate that Florida Sportsman has allowed me the opportunity to write this column. The FS forums have been a great place to meet other anglers and check out fishing reports from around the state. One of my favorite things is to meet up with other forum members and fish with them, and now I get to write about it!

So, here is the idea. I want to go fishing with you. I want to fish where you fish and catch what you catch when you post your fishing reports on the forum. I want to write about our experience and showcase your style, technique, the gear you use and the fish you catch. It doesn’t matter whether you fish inshore or offshore, freshwater or salt, I am ready for an adventure!

There is one catch, you have to invite me. Just send me an email at bobbramblet@gmail.com and tell me what you have in mind. Be as specific as you can and advise me as to any special tackle or supplies I would need, and when you are available. Remember, I have a kayak and will travel, so don’t think I won’t take you up on a fishing trip if you are on the other end of the state! I look forward to hearing from you soon, and until then, tight lines!

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