The new Nu-Ice packs.

Nu-Ice, Inc, a leader in the cold shipping industry, is diving into the fishing and boating world.  Nu-Ice is proud to launch the addition of the new Marine Series freezer packs to their line of successful products. Used as an alternative for bulky, fast melting ice or dry ice, Nu-Ice is designed to keep products cold or frozen longer than any product on the market. Nu-Ice not only lasts longer than conventional ice and dry ice, it is non-toxic, environmentally safe and reusable.

Nu-Ice has set up distribution for its Marine Series product through many area boating and tackle stores. A new manufacturing facility in Miami, Florida, has been established to further support this endeavor.

Robert Bowie, Vice President of Sales for Nu-Ice, states that the company is: “Excited about the opportunity to have such a well-developed product to offer to a new class of customers. It was initially invented for the medical industry. Once my friends and their friends started asking for the product to use in their coolers and fish boxes on their boats, I knew we truly had something special. The market practically created itself.”

The Marine Series of Nu-Ice is a scientifically designed formula that creates a cold, dry and eco-friendly space in coolers and fish boxes. When properly packed, the Marine Series can maintain Sub-Zero temperatures for 96 hours.  This product is packaged in durable foil reinforced mylar bags in two convenient sizes and available in two temperatures (0C and -16C).

Developed in 2008 for the medical field, primarily for vaccine shipments that demand stringent temperature parameters, Nu-Ice quickly caught on. The US military, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, and packing industries have turned to this technology for countless uses.




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