The new Pyle Diving watches.

Snorkeling watch features special dive-ready, water-resistant design to record dive duration, depth, water temperature and more. Press about the new Pyle watch follows:

Pyle®, manufacturers of home, car and pro audio equipment and outdoor recreational sports gear, unveils its Snorkeling Master Watch, a new addition to its Pyle Sports line. Best for snorkeling, free diving, boating and other underwater sports, this water-resistant sports watch allows users to record and store data in its dive log, which holds up to 100 records. Each dive record contains various details, including time and date, dive duration, maximum dive depth, minimum water temperature and dive site indication details for future review.

Snorkeling Master features six function modes, including Current Time, Chronograph, Countdown Timer, Dual Time Mode, Dive Mode and Dive Recall Mode to help underwater users keep track of important information during their snorkeling adventures.

Water resistant up to 330 feet, Snorkeling Master is equipped with an important safety feature, a dive alarm that activates when emerging faster than 6 meters per minute. It also has a thermometer to measure the temperature of the water from 14°F to 140°F.

The electro-luminescent backlight keeps the display visible for dark underwater trips.

The Snorkeling Master Watch from the Pyle Sports line is available in Black, Green, Orange and Red for $99.99 at The company also has additional sports watches for runners, cyclists, climbers, skiers, backpackers and more.

With more than 40 years experience in the manufacturing of high-quality audio products, Pyle has established itself as a premier source for car audio, home audio and professional audio & musical instruments. Product lines include Pyle Pro, Pyle Car and Pyle Home. The company has recently expanded into outdoor recreational gear with its Pyle Sports line. For more information, please visit

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