Suzuki DF70 Four-Stroke Outboard

Suzuki went to great lengths to maximize the efficiency of its DF70, DF80 and DF90 4-stroke outboards—including cutting overall length by 3 inches. A new lightweight cowling and streamlined lower unit further reduce overall weight to 341 pounds. The shorter length, along with a user-adjustable tilt limit switch, provides for a better fit on boats with limited transom clearance, such as flats boats with poling platforms. The heart of the engines is a new 91.7-cubic-inch inline four-cylinder, dual–overhead cam powerhead. An offset driveshalft and two-stage gear reduction allowed engineers to move the engine’s center of gravity forward–over the transom–and reduced overall dimensions. A 27-amp alternator cranks out plenty of juice, even at low rpm, to power electronics, trolling motor and livewell pumps. An oil-bathed, self-adjusting timing chain minimizes scheduled maintenance. Visit

Engine Type: 4-stroke DOHC 16 valve
Number of cylinders: Inline 4
Fuel Delivery: Multi-Point Sequential Electronic Fuel Injection
Displacement: 91.7 cubic inches
Shaft Length: 20, 25 inches
Dry Weight: 341 pounds
Alternator: 27 amps
Gear Ratio: 2.59:1



High fuel prices may drive up demand for smaller, fuel-efficient 4-strokes. This one weighs in at 341 pounds.


Available with 20- or 25-inch shafts, the DF70, 80 and 90 will fit a variety of freshwater and saltwater craft.


From Midwest walleye boats…


New DF70, 80, 90 borrow narrow profile design from other recently introduced, larger outboards, such as these 175s.


Family deck boats are prime targets for single and twin applications.


Family deck boats are prime targets for single and twin applications.


Engine’s up front on this upcoming Suzuki.


DF70, 80, 90 start with 91.7 cubic inch inline 4-cylinder, 4-stroke block.


New outboards are three inches shorter than previous models, reducing weight and drag, improving economy.


Reduction gearing positions the crankshaft in front of the driveshaft, moving the center of gravity forward over the transom. Twenty-seven amp alternator easily powers electronics, pumps and lights.

FS Classics, July 2007