The 2012 Florida Sportsman Bash had over 500 people for the weekend, with 200 anglers entered in the Tournament.

By all counts the 2012 Florida Sportsman SE Bash was a success. “We had to order more shirts, buckets and beer,” said Bash Chairman Jim Serra. “We sold out. We had two hundred entries and went through three hundred meals. I can’t wait to get the final tally on how much we raised for Ryleigh, but it looks to be over $5,000.”

Tournament Director Darrell Schuler commented, “Even with the wind blowing 20-plus and 4- to 6-foot seas, we had anglers go offshore and catch fish. “The winning dolphin angler, fish2ngyuen, said they were vertical a couple of times.”

The conditions obviously affected offshore participation, but it may have led more to fish inshore commented Darrell. “We had several very respectable catches inshore, showcased by two 30-inch trout and 30-plus-inch redfish and snook.”

Serra went on to say, “Everyone seemed to have a good time; the raffles raised a lot of money, highlighted by a Cary Chen giclee donated by Blue Marlin Motors which Jade Smith won in a live auction for $1,025. People really enjoyed the music by Robbie Bullard and Fresh Catch. The food from Texas Cattle Company was excellent. And some of the raffle prizes by Costa Del Mar and Simms really got people fired up.

“A lot of people won prizes, even people who couldn’t get offshore won prizes for empty fish divisions. It wasn’t about the biggest fish on Saturday afternoon, it was about the biggest smile, the one on Ryleigh’s mom Kristina’s face as she stopped the band, grabbing the mic to thank everyone for their generosity.”

“We need to have another Bash next month,” Al Coffee shouted out, followed by a big smile as he walked away from Sandsprit with an armful of goodies won at the Bash.

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