When an emergency happens on the water, your equipment is as important as your experience level. That is why the team at Throwraft—based in South Florida— introduced a new personal life raft that works in conjunction with a life vest or inflatable PFD to help get people moving on top of the water.

The Survivor represents a new safety product segment in part because of its mobility. At just over two pounds and packed in an attached valise, The Survivor is lightweight and easily accessible. It can be manually activated to inflate or will auto-inflate when submerged—transforming into a highly visible, highly maneuverable inflated platform that moves across water with ease.

Throwraft  founder Troy Faletra described the need for The Survivor at a recent product launch:

“The life vest always comes first, but I wanted to make a product that would get people’s core above the water that was both easy-to-use and affordable to own. The Survivor is just that—a perfect companion for the traditional life vest and a great way for boaters, cruise passengers, fisherman or anyone else out on the water to stay safer through more personal, safety equipment.” For more information about The Survivor personal safety life raft, go to www.throwraft.com.

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