Travis Osborne caught this red snapper before the season opens, so after venting, this sow went back into the Gulf of Mexico. He estimated this fish weighed 15 to 20 pounds.

FWC Commissioners have set the 2012 recreational red snapper season in the Gulf: The 2012 recreational red snapper season in Gulf of Mexico state waters will be June 1 through July 10, a total of 40 days. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) set the 2012 season Wednesday, May 2, at the Commission meeting in Crystal River.

The state season is the same as the recently announced federal recreational red snapper season. The Commission also voted to keep a 40-day, June 1 through July 10 season regardless of whether the federal season is further shortened. Florida state waters in the Gulf extend out to nine nautical miles from shore; federal waters extend beyond that line.

“I think consistency is important,” said Commissioner Ron Bergeron. “The positive part is, looking at the recovery, we are going in the right direction in having long-term benefits for fishermen.”

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