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CVA has licensed exclusive rights to the PalmSaver Ramrod design from Perry Hunsaker, world-famous elk guide and inventor of several innovative hunting products.  Known as the “PalmSaver Ramrod,” it was first introduced on the new CVA ACCURA MR (Mountain Rifle), but will now be expanded as a standard feature on all of CVA’s break-action muzzleloaders.

According to Dudley McGarity, CEO of Blackpowder Products, Inc., owner of the CVA brand, “The ramrod that Perry designed is so practical for in-the-field or range use, that we knew it would be a great addition to our standard features list.  At first, we’d just planned to add it to our more expensive models, but dealers and consumers convinced us that the added value of the PalmSaver rod would be well worth the extra cost of including it on all of our most popular guns.”

The PalmSaver Ramrod consists of a solid aluminum rod with a special jag on one end that is threaded.  The actual PalmSaver, or knob, attaches to this threaded jag and is configured in a way that allows it to be left on the gun while firing.  For the shooter, the rod can be removed quickly for loading a second shot, and, most importantly, the PalmSaver knob protects the palm while he seats the next bullet.  The rod also comes with a 4 inch jag extension which, when attached to the opposite end, converts the ramrod into a full length range rod.  So, the consumer gets both an under-barrel reloading rod and a range rod in one.  The PalmSaver Ramrod will be included on all of CVA’s 2012 Wolf, Optima, and Accura models.

CVA, a division of Blackpowder Products, Inc. and America’s #1 selling muzzleloading brand, offers a wide array of innovative hunting products – all at unmatched values.  The company’s USA headquarters is in Duluth,GA, which handles all distribution.  The guns are made at BPI’s ultra-modern, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located inNorthern Spain, a region rich in European gun-making heritage.  BPI is an industry leader in muzzleloading rifles and accessories, hunting rifles, hunting and shooting accessories and shooting components.  BPI markets various trusted brand names including CVA®, PowerBelt Bullets®, Bergara Barrels®, QuakeÒ Hunting Accessories and DuraSight® Scope Mounting Systems. 

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