No longer does an angler need to separate cutting tools for monofilament, fluorocarbon and super lines (more commonly called braid). The Berkley Classics Superline Shears will cut just about anything, though it’s probably best to stay away from wire.

Serrated blades are sharp and take on braided lines easily. The durable blades are made from stainless steel to prevent corrosion. The handles are molded to fit your hand and fingers. No crazy colors, just plain black.

This is the tool for wade fishing or fly fishing, or when pliers can be a bit too clumsy. It’s an inexpensive alternative to pliers when that de-hooking capability is not needed, but that crisp line-cutting ability is. Plus, don’t feel bad if you leave the Superline Shears at the dock or drop them in the water. Of course, we know, nobody ever does that.

The new Berkley Multi-Tool is specifically designed for fishing. You won’t find this at your local hardware shop. Total, there are 14 different tools built in.

Here are some highlights:

The needle-nose pliers are spring loaded for easy one-hand use. Tools include needle nose pliers, crimper, wire cutter, hook file with v-groove, jig-eye cleaner, crankbait tuner, 2-inch ruler, scissors, fish scaler, phillips/flat head screwdriver, can opener, and knife.

For easy storage, the Multi-Tool folds into itself for a compact profile for storage in a sheath included with the tool. Stainless steel components are corrosion resistant. The attractive Berkley red non-slip handles are easy to grip. Click on the image at right to get an up-close look!

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