Nice redfish, but look at the size of its tail compared to the body!

Sight Fishing Snook and Redfish

There are not many chances to sight-fish when the wind is howling and the waves are tumbling, especially from a kayak. But if you can find a secluded area, with clear water, you still have a chance.

This one was harvested legally, back during the fall 2011alligator season. Photo from Sportsman's Gallery, a collection of FS Member images.

Florida Gators in the News

Spring always brings out the alligator stories, as dropping water levels and rising air temps get the big lizards moving…»

FS Member cuckoo, from Okeechobee, FL, posted this shot of a nice bass caught recently.

Toads and Frogs: Dog-gone Good for Florida Bass!

These are great lure styles for the post-spawn months, when bass are filling up on amphibians and other large prey …

Berkley Fishing Multi-tool

Berkley Classic Tools

The new Berkley Multi-Tool is specifically designed for fishing. You won’t find this at a your local hardware shop.


Re-Inventing the Tippet Wheel

The interlocking plastic wheels are built with UV-inhibiting plastic and include a built-in leader cutter…

Seatrout should be for anglers--not for market.

Ban All Trout Sales

Let’s roll ahead with a solid, strong campaign to stop all sales of saltwater trout in Florida.


Spinnerbaits and Blades

Blade attachments give off the right flash. The original plan was to look for cobia off the beaches. We found…»


LCEC Reels in 38 Grand

Good fishing fun all for charity at the LCEC.