Sportsman’s Challenge: Tag a ‘Phin

Tagging a dolphin for tomorrow is fun, and we’ve made it plenty easy for you to get involved.

For more information visit the “Tag a ‘Phin” Sportsman’s Challenge.

Here’s What to Do:

1. Get your tags

Log on to and click on Contact us. Order your tags via email or phone through Don Hammond. His information is provided. Please let Don know you’re fishing the Florida Sportsman Tag a ‘Phin for Tomorrow contest and he’ll get your tags and tagging stick sent out to you immediately.

2. Go fishing and catch a dolphin.

Tag a couple fish and release. Keep a couple mahi for dinner, too.

3. Send in your tag information and photos back to Don Hammond at the Dolphinfish Research Program.

Then, e-mail all your tagging pictures (the more the better) to Include the details of your tagging efforts, complete with how many dolphin you tag.

4. Win a pair of Costa Del Mar sunglasses

Each picture you send in to Florida Sportsman will earn you one entry into the monthly drawing for your choice of sunglasses from Costa’s website:

The first week of the month (JUNE-NOVEMBER) FS will draw from the entries. Once a month a winner will be picked. (1 entry per tagged fish and picture). Florida Sportsman will email the winners an access code which will allow them to select their favorite pair of sunglasses from the Costa website. We will also be posting the winning photos on the Sportsman’s Challenge Page.

5. The Most Entries Wins

On November 1, 2012 we will tally up who has sent in the most releases to Florida Sportsman and declare them the 2012 Tag A ‘Phin for Tomorrow winner.

The winner receives a trophy, a Florida Sportsman prize package, and a Costa Del Mar prize package including a backpack, sunglasses, visor, shirt, and cleaning kit.

It’s easy and it’s fun. Plus, you can win some great glasses. The fish you tag go toward hard scientific data that anglers need to have for dynamic mahi fishing for years to come.

For more information visit the “Tag a ‘Phin” Sportsman’s Challenge.

To read more about CSS and the Dolphin Tagging Program

Order your CSS Dolphin Tags Today, Win a Pair of Costas Tomorrow.

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