Trigger X’s Aggression series of soft baits are sure to attract any bass angler’s attention. Meticulously fine-tuned for performance, Trigger X soft baits portray a mesmerizing action through the water. Immersed in Ultrabite Pheromones, each bait features a ribbed surface area that creates a softer, lifelike feel while increasing lure surface area, which allows for increased pheromone distribution.

Trigger X Aggression Hodad

At 4 inches long, the Hodad features a solid head, durable, thick-walled tube and alluring, slow-responding appendages that draw fish in. Built for versatility and abuse in heavy cover, the Hodad can be flipped, pitched, cast or Carolina rigged. Packaged in resealable bags, Trigger X Aggression comes in multiple shapes, sizes and pro-inspired color patterns that will test an angler’s drag to the max. The Hodad is available in 13 must-have color patterns and comes six pieces per package. Expect to pay about $5.99.

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