Poor Man’s Fishing Kayak

Kon Tiki is the name of zoffinger's fishing kayak

Have you ever had those times when you go to YouTube for one purpose in mind, to watch the video, then get on with more productive activities? But some how, some way, you get sucked in to watching a recommended video, then another, then another–only to finally land on “cute cat tricks” when you originally started with “how to clean your grill?” I do that plenty of times.

Fortunately though, I landed on this one video by zoffinger the other night explaining how he went about putting together his dream craft, his Rolls Royce, his … Poor Man’s Fishing Kayak. It was awesome! It was like MacGyver was back on the scene with his duct tape, stick of bubble gum and a paper clip.

One thing I have noticed with the kayaking scene, like in the days of playing paintball or driving an import car, is the desire (the need, for some), to want to customize your craft. I have done a few things myself but not to the extent at which zoffinger has gone in order to make his fishing experience out of his small and limited 8-foot kayak more enjoyable and practical.

From making a customized rudder, to an onboard livewell and cooler, to anchor trolley–Kon Tiki, as he calls his kayak, is ready to hit the water. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did, watching zoffinger at work in this 31 minute video.

Thanks zoffinger, great job!



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  • Ken

    Excellent video and ideas!

  • Zoffinger

    Thanks to Mark for writing about my video and to all the kind comments from the viewers. I'm only half way through my first year fishing in Florida and have learned a lot so far. Including how nice my fellow anglers can be.

  • Roy_of_Rivervue

    That Zoffinger created a James Bond/Inspector Gadget yak! He should sell some of those customized gadgets.



  • https://www.facebook.com/david.s.risberg David S Risberg

    Most impressive kayak video I have seen yet. That yak is pimped to the max! Thanks for a lot of great ideas.