Get ready for your Bahamas fishing trips and start by taking “ice” off your Things to Do List.”

Frigid Rigid’s latest Tri-Powered Freezer-Refrigerator runs on 12-volt, 110-AC and even solar power. Company President Art Link claims that the cooler can run indefinitely in refrigeration mode with only one 55-watt solar panel, while freezer mode requires two panels. In total, freezer mode draws two amps of power an hour. Coolers are built with three inches of high-density foam in the walls, top and bottom, capped off with an airtight “D” ring seal. A proprietary coil system keeps temperatures inside constant. Sizes range from a 3.5-cubic-foot refrigerator with one solar panel to a 5.1-cubic-foot refrigerator-freezer with two 55-watt solar panels. Prices range from $3,295 to $3,995. Visit

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