Star Rods Plasma Jigging Rods

Don’t head offshore without a metal jig ready to deploy.  Having a rod matched for the job will keep you jigging when others have put down their rods.

Star Rods expanded its line of offshore rods to include new Plasma Jigging Rods. The 5-foot, 2-inch conventional and spinning rods are built with basalt fiber to handle extreme heat, moisture and ultraviolet light. Basalt is a naturally occurring volcanic rock found worldwide that can be melted down and spun into hair-thin fibers for rod construction. The rods are weighted to handle 40- to 100-pound braided polyethylene line, and action ranges from heavy to extra heavy. Each rod is built with six silicon carbide Fuji guides, a 6.5-inch foam foregrip, Fuji reel seat and aluminum gimbal. Prices range from $299.95 to $329.95. Visit

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