Waste deep in cover, hunters want tough protection against insects that carry nasty diseases. Clothing companies now offer the technology to deter bugs.

Up to 40,000 cases of lyme disease are documented in the US every year. That’s a pretty substantial health concern for hunters that spend a fair amount of their hunting season in brush and cover. With the lack of an extended or harsh winter season, health experts are predicting 2012 to be a bad year for lyme disease.

Luckily, clothing companies are helping hunters deter run-ins with ticks and mosquitoes, and other nasty critters such as ants, flies, chiggers and midges. Companies such as Ex-Officio and Buff incorporate Insect Shield, an EPA-registered technology that repels bugs, into its clothing.

Clothing and gear can be an effective and convenient insect protection. These types of repellents are long-lasting (up to 70 washes in the laundry) and appropriate for use by the entire family, meaning there are no health concerns for different age groups.

Buff headwear’s Mossy Oak camo patterns, using real-life visual elements “digitized” into the fabric, offer supreme cover and camouflage. The Mossy Oak camo buffs, coupled with Insect Shield, blocks 95 percent of UV rays and are infused with an odorless insect repellent that’s effective against many biting insects. Ultimately, it’s designed to keep you comfortable and protected hour after hour on hunting trips in swampy, buggy conditions. Base price is $28. For more information, go to www.buffusa.com.


How Insect Shield Works:

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