Drone Spoons Electric Series

Drone SpoonsElectric Series brings a bit of flavor to the popular stainless-steel trolling metal. Available in seven new colors such as Electric Green, Electric Red and Electric Teal, the spoons are powder-coated on top of stainless steel. “And both steel and color flash underwater,” says Lev Huntington, of Drone Spoons. “That action in the water is where the series name came from. The greens and yellows, like Electric Green, seem to be universally popular.” Different styles of prismatic reflective tape can be applied to the bottom of the spoons for even more flash. Electric Series spoons are available in most of the same sizes as the original Drone spoons, ranging from 2¼ to 8¼ inches. Retail price starts at $11.  For more, visit www.DroneSpoons.com.

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