Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Saltwater Rigs


For anglers not yet sound in their rigging, or who just want to get baits in the water as fast as possible, Eagle Claw offers pre-tied Saltwater Rigs for the most typical methods of offshore fishing. Rigs include those for trolling ballyhoo, goggle-eyes and other live baits on top; on the bottom, fishfinder, chicken, mutton snapper (two J-hooks), grouper and snapper rigs are available. Even for drift-fishing, there’s a generic “bait-holding” rig. All rigs use Eagle Claw’s Lazer Sharp circle or J-hooks; leaders are tied with different pound-test monofilament; and rigging wire and other hardware already in place. Suggested retail price ranges from $2 to $5, depending on the rig. For more information, visit www.fishlazer.com.

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