A twist on conventional cordage.

For hunters, campers and other outdoorsmen, Secureline products by Lehigh introduced two new specialty ropes: Digital Camouflage and Visiflect Reflective. The Digital Camouflage Poly Rope collection features modern camouflage cordage with three exclusive patterns for hunting, hauling and hiding. Visiflect Reflective Rope is designed with reflective technology to improve safety in low-visibility situations and for boundary marking, hauling and other outdoor applications.

“We are continually evaluating the marketplace to identify unmet needs,” said Paul Ziemnisky, of Lehigh. “Our research pointed to consumers’ desires to have a broader set of features and designs in their rope to better meet their goals.”

Digital Camouflage Poly Rope

“Camouflage rope helps give consumers the ability to hide and secure items from their duck blind to a blemished backyard fence,” said Ziemnisky.

The camouflage designs are inspired by a more modern “digital look” seen in everything from tee shirts and shoes to jackets. They include:

· Woodland Hills, a predominantly brown rope with braids of tan, dark green, rust and gray to match the multiple hues found in wooded areas;

· Snowy Mountain, which combines black, silver and white to blend into wintry landscapes; and

· Mossy Fields, with various shades of green, tan and black, for use in most outdoor environments.

“These are the first truly camouflage ropes to be designed for different regions and climates and a variety of outdoor uses,” explained Ziemnisky. “They offer enhanced visual and performance advantages and are built to withstand all normal outdoor elements.”

The three designs, made of diamond-braided polypropylene, offer many beneficial features for consumers including smooth touch, low abrasion and superior outdoor durability. The rope also floats and is produced in three sizes.

Visiflect Reflective Rope

At the opposite end of the visual spectrum is a new collection of ropes featuring patent-pending Visiflect reflective technology. Designed to improve safety in low-visibility situations, this rope features silver Visiflect tracers, woven into the diamond-braided polypropylene rope, that reflect light from up to 200 feet away. Even during the day, these ropes stand out in Caution Yellow and Safety Orange colors.

Available in two sizes, these versatile ropes have a variety of recreational and outdoor uses. The 5/32-inch by 50-foot-long product was conceived to enhance safety in places such as campgrounds, where it can illuminate tent lines and holding tarps. At home, the 1/4-inch model is perfect for creating boundaries, from closing off a freshly blacktopped driveway to securing a barrier for a newly planted palm tree.

“There are virtually limitless applications for these ropes” said Ziemnisky. “Anywhere you might use caution tape, Visiflect ropes offer a more durable, more reliable and reusable alternative.”

For more information on SecureLine, visit www.securelineproducts.com.

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