FS Members in the On the Fly section are talking about the best patterns for catching those small-lake spring largemouths. Some recommendations include:

>”The weighted bunny fly is to imitate plastic worms. The bunny fly is usually black on black or purple on purple and maybe around 3-4″ long.”

>”For me, in Lake Conway many years ago, the best fly hands down, was a bumble bee popper. It would catch Bass of all sizes. Seemed to work best every place I fished for Bass. Lake Conway was, is a clear lake.”

>”A Dahlberg diver would work well, too. Still like gurglers for top water. easy to cast and work well. Most don’t have legs but they would help with bass. Make the lip large for more noise action.”

>”I have been having success with seaducers and gurglers out back. Seaducers in orange and olive that you can by at bass pro have worked and the green shrimp style gurgler.”

See  the complete thread, and offer your own suggestions, here.


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