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Kingfish Dreamboat Profile: 33 Contender, Bandit

Boating Editor Fritz Grell gets on board with the Bandit, a 33-foot Contender captained by Ron Mitchell of Port St. Lucie. Mitchell was Southern Kingfish Angler (SKA) of the Year, and he’s at the top of his game, recently winning top SKA boat in the Marco Island Kingfish Tournament and third place in the Key West Kingfish Tournament, two of the highest-profile kingfish contests on the Florida circuit.

Mitchell, his team, and the Bandit stop at nothing to chase down kings, and Grell stops at nothing to get you onboard, too. In addition to Grell’s extensive write-up about the technical details of the boat’s electronics, power, tackle storage, fishing gear and towing vehicle, below are additional profile photos of the Bandit.

The 33-foot Contender, Bandit.


Suzuki powered.


Well over 12,000 pounds, Bandit gets towed by a Ford F350 Dually, FX4 Off Road XLT Super Duty V8 Turbo Diesel, and rides on an extremely “well-balanced” triple-axle MYCO trailer, says Mitchell.


Handy access to all rigs needed for tournaments.


Cannon electric downrigger.


Recessed rod holders on clean side decks for snag-free fishing.


Gaffs stored safely under gunnel, but easily accessible.


Rupp outrigger welded onto Birdsall top’s frame. Pull handle and swing
out the outrigger without climbing up.


Lookdown radar pod on Raymarine unit so that while on plane,
radar points evenly at horizon.


Forward-facing scoop that supplies water to livewell distribution system.


Pump distribution system in aft bilge.


Sea Star Power Steering unit for Suzukis.


Access to the well-organized wiring via console door.


Stereo amplifiers mounted in console out of the water and weather exposure.


Wireless PirateCom headsets for all crew to use to communicate.


PirateCom control panel.


Underwater lights at stern for hanging around the docks at night and bait catching.


Two of three radios in overhead electronics box, for monitoring and talking on different channels simultaneously.


Of course, a Monster kingfish bag for icing and holding winners to preserve best weight.


Team Bandit takes the stage, and takes a bow.

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