Shallow Water Expeditions is a crew of experienced flyfishing guides out of Panhandle Florida. “Officially” out of Santa Rosa Beach, owner Capt. David Mangum and eight other captains fish from Louisiana to Florida in search of redfish, tarpon and false albacore (little tunny) on fly. They also happen to take exceptional footage and photos, and are superb at editing the video into mouth-watering web clips.

Below, recent action from the beaches off Destin in search of bull redfish and false albacore. Some fishermen may know the false albacore by another name: the bonito.

Below, topwater action of monster redfish in the bayous and bays of Louisiana. This video is from 2011, but it’s still worth watching, especially if you can’t get over to fish in Louisiana anytime soon. Some of the redfish take the flies with aggression, some just mouth the fly at the surface. No matter what, the “pushes” are massive as these reds are oversized!

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