Florida hunters have different ideas about vests, belts and other gear-carrying systems, but the consensus is you must bring a comfortable seat, such as the Cabela's Gobbler Lounger.

Florida Sportsman member thinfisher asks a great question of fellow hunters on our General Hunting Forum: “What’s the best turkey vest for Florida weather?” See the thread here.

Advice from some of the members to chime in:

>”Worry less about what’s lighter and more about what has the best seat and most pockets. You can never have enough pockets or enough padding under your butt.”

>”I don’t use a vest… like to travel light… box and mouth calls and a thermocell. All of this fits in the 2 pockets of my bugtamer jacket. I also attach a cushin to my belt. 90% of the time I don’t carry a decoy.”

>”I tote a Gobbler Lounger with me at least to the first spot in the morning and it comes in very handy for long sits. I have the Beardbuster turkey belt which I do use a lot and it serves my purpose.”



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