Program encourages young divers to study medicine and science.

For more than a decade, the Diver’s Alert Network (DAN) Research Internship Program has encouraged young divers interested in the science of diving with opportunities to develop that interest through internships in dive medicine and research. DAN is now accepting applications for the upcoming 2012 internship program.

With a three month term, research interns are placed with host facilities, primarily at DAN headquarters, where they participate in projects matched to their interests and ability. Work activities may include field, laboratory and/or epidemiological studies. Most research interns work closely with mentor experts to maximize their learning opportunities. Interns assist in data collection and develop technical writing and presentation projects and the program is an excellent opportunity to gain experience and connections in the field.
Academic credit may be available from a student’s home institution for those registered in educational programs while completing the research internship.

Strong candidates for this competitive program will have excellent communication and organizational skills, meaningful personal accomplishments, an established commitment to diving and goals that would benefit from participation in the program. Candidates must be 20 years of age (by June 1, 2012), and an educational track in a science field is preferred.

Questions about applying to the program should be directed to Jeanette Moore, research specialist (919-684-2948 ext. 260; The annual number of participants in the DAN Internship Program depends on available funding (with much provided by donations), project priorities and intern candidate fit.

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