The SNAPPER® remote control boat latch and The Fish’n Rail™ boat railing system, products of EPCO Products, Inc., have joined Ranger® Boats’ Operation Troop Salute Military Appreciation Program.

The Ranger Program offers current and former military personnel an discount on the purchase of a qualifying Ranger boat package. EPCO is doing its part by giving rebates of $150 on the Fish’n Rail system and $50 on the SNAPPER remote control boat latch to military personnel who qualify for the Ranger incentive program. The EPCO offer is available for a limited time. For details, click here or call 800-879-3726.

Fish’n Rail
The Fish’n Rail is a security and support railing system for boats that allows disabled and physically impaired anglers to enjoy fishing. It was created by Jeff Thompson, who suffers from a deteriorating disc disease aggravated by his years as a Marine Corps fighter pilot. Now boaters can join Jeff on the water once more.

SNAPPER Boat Latch
The SNAPPER is a remote controlled boat latch that provides safe and easy catch or launch of the boat from the trailer.

EPCO Products Inc, located in Fort Wayne, Indiana, has been serving the marine industry since it patented the bow eye more than 50 years ago. All EPCO products are made in the United States.

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