Flats boats, like center consoles, have continued to grow as well. Generally what distinguishes a flats boat from a bay boat isn’t size but deck configuration. If you can sit behind the console on a seat, it’s a bay boat. If you sit on a rear casting platform it’s a flats boat. Additional traits of a flats boat include walkable gunnel boards and a forward casting platform. Like most things, all boats aren’t created equal, take the time to find the right one, like one of the featured flats boats companies featured here.

Featured Flats Boats


Hewes Boats
16ft. – 21ft.
When Bob Hewes started building boats his goal was simple-create the best all around, light tackle shallow-water boat available. Today, that goal hasn’t changed but almost everything else has. Over 50 years of experience has taught us a lot about building light tackle boats. That experience and passion is expressed nowhere better than the new Hewes models. These boats are lighter, stronger, faster and safer with revolutionary new hull designs, state-of-the-art construction techniques and more fishing-smart features than any other shallow-water on the market.

Maverick Boats
15ft. – 21ft.
For over 25 years, Maverick’s sense of purpose, legendary design and unfailing performance has inspired a lot of imitators.  But, in a world of elevated expectations and uncertain values, Maverick remains the genuine article. While there are other boats that can get you there, only Maverick takes you safely into those hard-to-reach areas with comfort and confidence. No other boat comes close.>

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 Other Flats Boats


Action Craft-Flats Master Marine
Cape Coral, FL
Allwater Boatworks LLC
Riviera Beach, FL
Andros Boatworks
Sarasota, FL
Ankona Boats
Ft. Pierce, FL
Bluewater Sportfishing Boats
Ft. Pierce, FL
Bonefish Boats
New Port Richey, FL
Craig Catamaran
Orlando, FL
Dolphin Boats
Princeton, FL
Dorado Marine
Holiday, FL
Dragonfly Boatworks
Vero Beach, FL
East Cape Canoes
Orlando, FL
Egret Boat Company
Washington, NC
Fincraft Boats
Little Falls, MN
G3 Boats
Beaumont, TX
Hell’s Bay Boatworks
Titusville, FL
New Water Boat Works
San Antonio, TX
Shearwater Boats
Groveland, FL
Shipoke Boatworks
Safety Harbor, FL
Young Boats
Inglis, FL

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