An Expo exclusive is the popular Bait, Rigs & Tackle where anglers can sit down and watch Florida Sportsman experts show how to tie the best knots and rig the right baits. Both Inshore and Offshore tables make it easy to take part in whichever style of fishing interests you the most — or go to them both.

Learn things such as:


  • Basic knots for hooks, lures, and swivels: Uni, Double Uni, Albright and Snell
  • Bluewater trolling: teasers, spreader rigs, etc.
  • Ballyhoo rigs: make your own with our help. Split billed and nose weighted
  • 30 second kingfish rig: tie a better wire leader in just 30 seconds
  • Bottom fish rigs for snapper and grouper
  • Caring for your catch- proper fillet technique will improve table performance


  • Live or dead baits and how to rig them
  • Uniknot, loop knot, stop knot, snelling, double line knots, and line to line knots for joining braid to mono
  • Live bait rigs: free lining, fish-finder rig, sinker rigs, floats and corks
  • Jigheads and bucktails: sweetening with live and cut baits, rattles & soft plastics
  • Rigging for inshore trolling
  • Learn topwater- walking the dog
  • Flyfishing knots

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