Offshore Seminar Stage

The Offshore Stage is actually performed from the cockpit of an offshore boat at the designated seminar area. Each angler in the audience will learn little-known tactics associated with big-game fishing in the region.

Learn secrets on big game fishing, if you’re on the east coast, learn what it takes to catch swordfish or sailfish, or dolphin or kingfish. On the west coast, learn how to get your limits of snapper and grouper while catching kings and even a shot at tuna and wahoo. Learn advanced trolling techniques, jigging and more.

Learn for our local experts on how to take the family fishing, trolling, bottom fishing, the fall kingfish run, tactics for snapper and grouper, tricks and tips for catching more fish, offshore tarpon, sailfish and dolphin.

Offshore Stage Line-Up


11:30 AM – Brian Nelli: Fishing Offshore from a kayak

12:30 PM  - Capt. Fox Watkins: Catching Cobia on the beach

1:30 PM  -  Ron Mitchell: How to catch tournament winning kingfish

2:30 PM  -  Scotty Fawcett: Sailfish tackle and tactics

3:30 PM  - Skip Chandler: How to catch flag Yellowtail


11:30 AM – Brian Nelli: Reef fishing from a kayak

12:30 PM – Capt. Fox Watkins: Catching Cobia over wrecks

1:30 PM – Ron Mitchell: How to rig a boat for tournament fishing

2:30 PM – Scotty Fawcett: Catching sailfish on the Treasure Coast

3:00 PM – Skip Chandler: Slow trolling live baits

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