Looking to buy one of those after-Christmas gifts for someone? Maybe a buddy or family member who hit you with an expected gift? Get some ideas from a great thread on knives which has been cooking on our General Hunt Forum for a few weeks now.

Many Florida hunters favor the classic folding pocketknives, such as the Case Trapper series and the Schrade Old-Timers. These are excellent gift items for outdoorsmen of all persuasions. Of a Case Mini-Trapper, one FS Member says he “can take a deer or hog from hoof to cooler with it—nothing else needed.”

Some other Members chime in with suggestions for fillet knives, utility knives, and safety knives, such as quick-opening blades with serrated edges.

One Member praised the customer service at Buck Knives, which replaced a favorite blade of his, a 40-year-old 501 model (it’s still offered).

For a rust-free knife to live in a beach-fishing box, one Member recommends a Kyocera ceramic knife.

Check out the thread here.

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