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With the winter winds kicking up and the dolphin and sailfish chewing, there is no better time to go fly a kite. Not just any ordinary kite of course, a fishing kite. Fishing kites allow you to suspend your baits right on top of the water and also allow you to move your baits a fair distance from the boat and each other. This not only provides a way to keep multiple baits in the water, tangle free, but it also does a great job at attracting fish. With the constant and frantic splashing of your live baits on the surface of the water, a hungry critter should find your offering in no time.

In order to be successful at kite fishing there are certain odds and ends of terminal tackle you need, as well as a proper rod and reel set up, the right kite for the given wind conditions, and an understanding of how to properly setup your kite fishing spread. Florida Sportsman member maironbr was looking for a how-to video on setting up a basic kite-fishing setup and quickly received a response. Check out the video below!


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